Article • 06 03 2019

Our latest work for Organix: Goodies launches

Our latest work for two new offers from Organix: Goodies, connecting with the millennial family and their changing needs, have launched. The new packs for Jammie Monsters and Mini Space Cheese Bites take an imaginative approach to engaging with children, backed up with the reassurance of the natural Organix brand.

Our relationship with Organix began in 2012 when we were commissioned to redesign the brand. Our London creative team used the brand’s belief that a lifelong love of good food starts from the very beginning as a starting point, while introducing a variety of textures and shapes to hero ingredients. We rebuilt the brand with new photoshoots and bespoke illustrations to stand out on the shelves and make shoppers hungry.

The brand’s relationship with us grew into a six-year brand guardianship role, designing for every new product and range, as well as evolving the original designs in 2017 to move with the changing millennial family.

Today’s families have evolved from being centred around the needs of their children to becoming a family of individuals. Millennial parents are part of a foodie generation. They’re embracing a lack of perfectionism and bucking against the traditional roles and stereotypes of parenting.

Mini Space Cheese Bites

The two new products are pushing the sector – and the brand – into new territories. Mini Space Cheese Bites are the first dehydrated cheese snacks in the UK, giving parents a new tasty, crunchy way to introduce more calcium into their children’s diets. The pack inspires children to get imaginative, playing off the moon being made of cheese (of course).

Jammie Monsters

With Jammie Monsters, the brand introduces treats to their range for the first time – and a new set of monster characters to the family. The pack invites children to join Alfie in his game of hide and seek with the monsters around the pack and includes trading cards for children to collect. The agency ran their own photoshoots for the packaging of both products, bringing to life the brand and the creativity behind the pack design.

The design of these two new products is another example of our bringing creativity and sound design thinking to a project, and reflects the longstanding relationships we build with clients to further their brands.