Article • 20 01 2021

Partnering with ReadSpeaker for total voice experience

Dragon Rouge London establishes partnership with ReadSpeaker to enhance voice offer for clients.

In order to bring to life the brand voices we are defining for our clients, our London office has teamed up with leading synthetic voice technology firm ReadSpeaker.

The entire world has changed. With all of us faced with new ways of living and working, people are leaving the house less and less. Sometimes not stepping outside for weeks at a time. And when they do venture out, they’re expecting more and more a contactless experience with the world.

Voice technology brings your brand into your audience’s home, and helps them navigate the world safely. It’s already an integrated part of our lives – smart speakers have been adopted faster than any other product category. Hearing synthetic voices on our Alexa, when we phone customer services and even when using an ATM is second nature to us now.

But how do you make your brand stand out in the sea of repetitive robotic noise?

You need two things. A strong tone of voice to help you choose the right words. And a personalised, custom brand-voice to deliver them. So your brand is instantly recognisable, wherever your audience are experiencing it.

This is why Dragon Rouge and ReadSpeaker have teamed up – to offer this combination of voice definition and voice activation.

At Dragon Rouge, we see your brand as a holistic beast. Your voice is just as important as your logo or colour palette.

We work with you to create a tone of voice that reflects your brand – and boosts it. Then, we create practical guides and training to empower your team, so they can write for your brand consistently and confidently. We build your tone of voice into your brand DNA, giving you a solid basis for steering your spoken voice in voice technology.

ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech solutions help you instantly add lifelike, expressive speech to your customer-facing services, enabling you to cut through the noise and engage your audience in the way they want.

ReadSpeaker creates custom synthetic voices bespoke for your brand, designed to make your brand voice instantly recognised in the voice interface.

Give your customers services that are engaging and dynamically personalised with our lifelike synthetic voices.

Communicate with your target audience in their native tongue. Elevate your brand as a distinctive one that truly cares.

To find out more, please contact James Byrne at Dragon Rouge London

( or Nina Zonneveld at Readspeaker (