News • 23 01 2019

Revenge of the Retailer

The French start-up Singlespot, a platform which collects and treats data on shopper’s geolocation to increase store performance, called upon Dragon Rouge to rethink their positioning and visual identity.

Thanks to the power of data, Singlespot can change the playing field in the battle between brick-and-mortar stores: it’s state-of-the-art geographic data collection and data processing technology allows a better recognition and understanding of consumer behaviour. By sharing this intelligence with retailers, the agency enables them to reach their full potential.

The Strength of Simplicity

Visually, Singlespot has communicated the power of their algorithms, the accuracy of their results and their human expertise through an ultra-minimalistic and neutral logo designed by us – a circle within a square which resembles a shopper who has been perfectly geolocated at a store!