News • 07 01 2021

Three ways to achieve brand-led sustainability change

Kate Sheerin, Associate Director at Dragon Rouge London talks about sustainability on our Covid-19 era for Transform Magazine

Never have the words of Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are a-Changin’ rung truer nor felt more prescient. Not just the sense of old giving way to new, a world order disrupted and turned upside down, but the urgent need for action – to heed the call and embrace the change unfolding before us.

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on health, business and economies, but it has also made us reassess and reprioritise in more positive ways. Rather than longing for a ‘new normal’, many want to take this chance to reset and to strive instead for a better, kinder, greener way to live, work, eat and play.

Out of this crisis, there are already signs of renewal and reasons to be hopeful. We need seismic shifts to tackle climate issues, and here we have it – with 75% of Britons saying they’ve changed aspects of their behaviour since the pandemic began 1 and 51% of us saying that the positive environmental impact during lockdown has made us ‘more determined to live in an eco-friendly way’ 2 . We’re shopping locally, we’re living off-grid, virtual meetings are the norm and many of us will end up with a flight free 2020. In the space of a few months, ideas and actions that were once considered ‘fringe’, have become prevalent amongst the mainstream.

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