News • 07 07 2020

Uncovering the story behind cranberry Ocean Spray

More well-known across the Atlantic, Ocean Spray is THE brand which grows and processes its cranberries. Its history and foundations are closely tied to authentic and natural wide open spaces. However, its visual identity was considered too artificial and generic.

This posed two challenges: to convey the “health” benefits of this small berry without being too functional, while at the same time communicating the true values of the brand: a cooperative of grower families, who are passionate about cranberries and their surrounding environment, which epitomises the vast wilderness of the northern United States.

The solution was to make a radical shift toward a marked authenticity: the fruit is in its natural environment, with the brand at the heart of these submerged fields, which are typical of cranberry growing. Powerful, craft typefaces are used. The benefits are clearly displayed and are conveyed in a more familiar, graphic tone “Tiny but mighty”. The language used is more emotional to ensure a high impact across all advertising media.
An engaging, human and authentic brand identity for a tiny berry with superpowers.