Bez kategorii • 12 09 2019

A pearl is born with JOY by Julio Okubo

A pearl is born

Julio Okubo, a traditional jewellery brand synonymous with pearls in Brazil, is closely linked to its Asian roots. Its most remarkable feature is its refinement, as its pieces are handcrafted with the highest quality – from the materials used to the final touches.
Today, the modern Brazilian woman is looking for exclusive and empowering accessories for everyday wear, not just for special occasions, so affordability and style are essential. To face these changing jewellery purchase trends in recent years, Julio Okubo needed to reinvent itself by creating a second, more modern, affordable, brand without losing its core attribute of quality.

Asian influence

In this context, JOY was born. Its short and modern name represents both Julio Okubo Young’s initials and happiness – the spirit of the new brand. Simplicity, delicacy, and youthfulness are expressed by the logo lying on a new colour palette combining bold yellow with the elegant traditional brown of the brand.
The new identity uses graphic elements with movement and a modern language inspired by Asian culture, applied in gold on all communication media.
The touches of Japanese influence continue with the jewellery boxes, which feature a gold paper wrapping with an origami-like effect, and foil stamps and brown ribbon for the bags that convey the elegance of the jewellery. Store window displays were also designed with modular geometric pieces resembling origami.

A youthful jewel

In a short time, this fresh, youthful brand has attracted a new audience: the modern, free and authentic women looking for quality jewellery with an exclusive design.
Today, Julio Okubo and JOY live harmoniously under one roof and complement each other well. JOY has rejuvenated the traditional Julio Okubo brand and inherited all its best attributes.