Bez kategorii • 27 06 2019

Designing a new pint glass for 1664

The world’s best-selling French beer has launched its new signature glass.

100% French, it allows for an enhanced drinking experience!

A landmark event for 1664

The on-trade circuit (bars, breweries, cafés, hotels, clubs) is a powerful driver of the beer business, not only in France but across the 80+ countries where you can enjoy 1664.

The Perfect Serve à la française

Our designers have created a contemporary glass with a slender form, a twisted base, a wider round neck for improved consumption and a square base that maintains freshness and facilitates a better grip. A hop-shaped engraving at the bottom of the glass enables nucleation, meaning bubbles are released and the foam lasts longer. Last but not least, the elegantly embossed ‘1664’ figure highlights the brand name. The slogan ‘Savoir-faire français’ (or ‘French know-how’) is affixed above the initials of the brewery’s creator, Jérôme Hatt, to promote French brewing history and excellence.

A technical challenge

Thanks to the fixed blow process, French glassmaker ARC was able to successfully meet our challenging specifications in terms of manufacturing costs, glass weight reduction, the quality of the finish and labelling.

A 360° communication campaign

A comprehensive communication campaign has been developed to support this launch, which took inspiration from the spring 2019 poster campaign which was designed by La Chose agency and released in France.