Bez kategorii • 06 07 2020

Figolu is back !

Figolu, the iconic biscuit and childhood favourite of a whole generation, is making a comeback!

It vanished from shelves in 2015 shortly after Mondelez decided to change the famous fig-filled treat’s recipe and format, much to its fans’ dismay. Since then, dozens of petitions have circulated on social media (#TeamFigolu) calling for the “real” Figolu’s return. Figolu made its comeback during the lockdown, an achievement in its own right!
Its iconic shape hasn’t changed. The recipe is nearly the same as the original’s: no artificial colours, preservatives or added flavourings.

The new packaging fits in perfectly with the LU family while keeping its authenticity.
The brand’s iconic codes have been kept, notably the logo, the biscuit’s shape and the purple colour. The biscuit composition in the centre of the packaging conveys a promise rich in fruit thanks to a sweet filling and fresh figs, not to mention the ear of wheat that goes hand in hand with LU biscuits.

We also designed a key visual for POS advertising, perfectly illustrating Figolu’s world: authentic, indulgent and natural.

The announcement of Figolu’s return set off a sales rush in stores. Everyone was happy to enjoy a taste of childhood again! Hurry before they’re all gone!