Bez kategorii • 02 08 2021

Inm Mr. Angry

Probiotic soda water

inm is a leading dairy and food manufacturer in China. Over the years, inm has been opening up to promising new territories to offer more exciting options for the Chinese consumers today.

Dragon Rouge was given the incredible opportunity to create the product strategy, naming and packaging design for a new probiotic soda water which has the taste of mixed yogurt and fizzy soda.

The Chinese naming for Mr. Angry (生气君) has multiple meanings: “生气” is synonymous with lively, bubbling and angry; while “君” has the same pronunciation with the word “bacteria” which indicates it’s a probiotic drink.

Through the angry emoji and the headband, the packaging resonates with the post-2000s generation in China who is full of energy and willing to show their true emotions.

“I am what I drink. It can refresh me and boost me up and also shout out loud my attitude.” The messaging tells the essence of the product and generates traction with the younger generation. What is fascinating about the design is that it not only builds up strong connection but also shows the pioneering spirit of this Chinese brand which breaks new ground and not just sticks to the rules.