Bez kategorii • 10 07 2019

Making banking services accessible for everyone with KEAZ

Orabank Togo, subsidiary of Oragroup, wanted to launch a digital platform accessible to as many people as possible, allowing its users a simple and user-friendly experience with consistent information across all channels. A transaction can now be initiated from a mobile phone and end at an ATM, on the internet or with a sub-agent. With this platform, it’s not only a question of equipping mobile phone users with digital products, but also of making banking services accessible and available to all segments of the population by developing a real relationship of proximity.

We worked upstream on this new offer by defining the positioning of the brand and by creating the platform’s name, KEAZ, the names of the various offers (Keaz Pro, Keaz Spot, MyKeaz, and Keaz Cash), the brand signature, the logo, the brand territory, the look and feel of the website and app, the advertising campaign posters, the TV commercial, and its sound identity in collaboration with the agency Sixième Son.

KEAZ, a name that opens doors

The spelling and pronunciation of KEAZ echoes the word “key.” Like a key, this omnichannel platform opens all doors and realms of possibility in the banking world. It is also a name that evokes the word “ease,” alluding to the ease of use of its services.

A logo that links user-friendliness and accessibility

The KEAZ brand values of exchange, sharing, and closeness are at the heart of the logo design. The E is closely linked to the A and seems to be speaking to it, while the tip of the K, a fundamental element of the graphic territory, seems to initiate a dialogue box.

A signature: “Ma banque clé en main”

The signature, “Ma banque clé en main” (“My turnkey bank” in English), echoes the central idea of ease of use unique to the KEAZ brand, a ready-to-use platform. The key also refers to the brand name, while the use of the personal pronoun “my” once again reflects proximity. In this way, the signature presents KEAZ as close to its users, full of possibilities, and easy to use!