Bez kategorii • 26 02 2019

Novacap becomes Seqens

Novacap and all its activities are being grouped into one new brand SEQENS.

In order to consolidate its growth into a more solid and clear offer that meets the needs of „big pharma”, as well as the research needs of start-ups, Novacap asked us to support them in their strategic choices, specifically with a new brand architecture that optimises the distribution of its activities.

The Continuum of Progress

The new brand strategy establishes a cross-disciplinary corporate vision committed to promoting science that accelerates progress. The „Continuum of Progress” highlights its ability to ensure innovation in this complex universe. From CDMO to cosmetics, the Seqens brand combines cutting-edge scientific expertise and high-performance technology!

The name Seqens emerged from our branding work. We were inspired by this central idea: a name that refers to core synthesis activities and recalls the idea of sequencing when constructing molecules by combining skills and technologies. This name also evokes the vision “seeing”, performance and time “seconds”, all essential to the group’s success today.

The Progress Path

We have visually communicated this continuum through a linear sequence, the „Progress Path”, which is capable of adapting to constraints. This visual element can be seen in the logo as well as in the brand’s graphic identity.

This new dynamic and lively style, boosted by the use of colours, illustrations and typographies, is in distinct contrast to the traditional codes of the market. This daring approach is reflected in the wording developed to enable Seqens to improve its perceived quality in a partially commoditised market.

Finally, we developed all the fundamental communication tools for the group (presentations, films, participation in internal seminars, etc.), not to mention the interior design of its premises.