Bez kategorii • 10 08 2021

O Boticário Coffee Lucky special edition


Boticário line is inspired by the most noble coffee beans, with male and female fragrances that delight with their olfactory richness. Coffee is the provocation of the unexpected, it’s the smell that spices up the day, that connects you to the other even from afar. It’s the first step in activating the spark in each other.

On Valentine’s Day, Boticário brings to the game two new cards – Coffee Lucky Man and Coffee Lucky Woman. Coffee Lucky believes that love is always an exciting bet game, where one complements the other. That’s why its graphic design refers to the suits of a deck, the game of love, and the elements complement and touch each other like a couple in love.


Seductive design and passionate tone of voice. “Who says you can’t be lucky in the game and in love? On this Valentine’s Day, present with Coffee Lucky and discover that love and lucky can go together.


The launch surpassed by 12% the sales of previous years, becoming the biggest success of the line.
The visual identity of the packaging masterfully translated the project’s objective, which was to instigate seduction in the game of love, supported by the couple’s complementary partnership, through the synergy between the female and male packaging of Coffee Lucky.