Bez kategorii • 09 12 2019

Rejuvenating a heritage skincare brand

Founded in 1931, Pechoin is one of the most famous skincare brands in China, carrying on the oriental philosophy of balance and harmony and applying it to skincare research. The brand aims to bring consumers natural and safe skincare experiences and become the role model of Asian beauty.

As one of the earliest players in the market, Pechoin would like to stay young and relevant to consumers, to strongly convey its herbal mildness, and to create a clear differentiation between the basic, medium, sub-premium, premium and ultra-premium lines.

Inspired by the brand’s main points of pride (e.g. its Eastern aesthetics and philosophy, natural herbal ingredients, gentleness to skin), we recreated the brand’s totem, a round-shaped cluster of Chinese herbs centring around the Pechoin lark.

We created different shades of green and visual assets for the five lines. For the basic hydration series, we developed a graphic element and icon based on the concept of “refreshing dew”, to indicate the efficacy of “rapid hydration”.

The hydration series was launched to China’s KA channel in 2019.