Bez kategorii • 04 07 2017

Somfy, Building Happiness

We created Somfy’s new design language, translating its desire to invent an unprecedented, universally accessible lifestyle with turnkey connected solutions.

The “Building Happiness” brand’s positioning comes alive through its own codes and signs: the smile-shaped yellow block mark, bubble immersing the consumer into the moment of use and pictograms that immediately illustrate the product benefit. With the creation of this simplified structure and rollout of a clear, transversal language, Somfy can reach a wider, less knowledgeable target.

The connected house: now accessible to all

We have created a simple, accessible and effective message based on a technical subject—home automation—to help Somfy reach its goal of becoming a force to be reckoned with in the area of the connected house.

The brand’s values of proximity and simplicity now live on a dedicated side and are accompanied by scenarios emphasizing use so that consumers can relate to them.