Be relax

Premiumising service offer in the boarding rooms

Be Relax, the world’s second largest airport spa operator, leads a network of 52 spas worldwide.

Travelers can relax in the boarding areas while waiting for their flight.

These mini spas offer both a range of beauty and relaxation services (massage, manicure, treatments, hairdressing), and a range of comfort products (cushions, night masks) for the journey. The brand came to us in order to make its concept evolve, to make it more premium, more feminine and more commercial.

Your wellness cloud

For this brand, born in France but mainly deployed in the United States and the Middle East, we chose a «French elegance» decor, reminiscent of the 30s thermal baths.
The design capitalizes on a statutory typographical brand, a deep blue, a 30s-type pattern of petals, a warm wood appeal, and lighted paper suspensions that shape the cloud at the heart of the concept.

For these areas of calm and reconnection with oneself, we have indeed imagined a new identity and an architectural concept built around a central idea : «Your Wellness Cloud».

In this way, we offer travelers a period of well-being in an airport environment.