Roaring high

See the future

What is it about the future that has fascinated people for centuries? The uncertain, the mysterious, the unpredictable? For brands and markets in the modern economy, it has always been the possibilities. Many are aware of the advantages of trend and future research, but few know how to use them as precisely as the shrill, individual rebel of the hair industry – Got2B.

Be ahead of the future

The Got2B team drew everyone into a maelstrom of fascination and euphoria with their vision of hairstyle evolution. More than a year in advance, the trendsetter in the hair industry was absolutely certain that volume hairstyles for men would return in 2020. Not just come back – they will dominate markets, fill streets, line the advertising world like candlelight in a dark room.
Now the market for styling products is just like any other market: too many products, too many brands, too little diversification. The customer’s task of creating a new subline to not only meet the trend forecast, but also to address the incredibly individual and demanding target groups Gen-X and Gen-Y, seemed like an animal’s task.

To be able to assert ourselves in the dense jungle of styling brands we had to get loud. We had to make noise, we had to scream, we had to roar like a lion standing over the savannah and marking its territory. ROARING HIGH is the styling line for all those who want to stand confidently and voluminously in the middle of the room and fill it