Caledonian Brewing Co.

Rediscovering true craft

Caledonian Brewing Co.
Caledonian Brewing Co.

Celebrating the craft in craft beer

Caledonian Brewing Co. is Edinburgh’s longest standing brewery, with over 150 years of rich heritage. But as craft beer exploded across the UK and new challengers emerged, the brewery needed to retake its place as one of the founding fathers of the craft beer revolution. Our challenge was to bring craft beer design credentials and values to a portfolio to revive the previous identity and allow it to compete in today’s craft beer environment.

hands on

Taking inspiration from the brewery’s handmade ethos, and not content with what can be achieved through standard means, we decided to ditch the Mac and lino print the artwork by hand. Much like The Caley and their modern craft beers, we took an old technique and used it to make something new and exciting.

Linoprinting technique

In order to give Caledonian its genuinely hand-made look and feel, we went back to the old craft of lino printing. Carefully cut layers of lino, allowed us to build up the design, allowing the thick acrylic ink to lay on the raw paper in its own natural way. The results were amazing, creating textures and misprints that were impossible to replicate on a Mac.

Coast to Coast presence

We refreshed the Caledonian Brewery portfolio to stand-out and be proud within the emerging craft beer category. Caledonian’s new crafted branding can be seen in pubs across the UK – both in England and in its native Scotland – standing out on shelves and achieving memorability through its ownable colour palette and craft identity.