Feel the Moroccan sun

Marjane, the first hypermarket name in Morocco entrusted us with the redesign of its brand platform, the evolution of its visual identity, the signage and the layout of its shopping arcades and hypermarkets.
We capitalised on the brand’s historic logo, the M embellished with a sun, that we simplified to gain in power and recognition. The logo turned into the graphic frame of a system of mashrabiya. Cut in white metal laces, the mashrabiyas play with the rays of sun on the façade and the interior design of Marjane’s shopping arcades.

We thought of pergolas to protect the parking pathways and sooth the sun fervour. The association of pergolas and mashrabiyas was reiterated in the interior design.

The giant lamps in copper and wicker displays the country's craftsmanship and were designed by Moroccan artisans.


Lastly, each department was given a colour code reminding the coloured village squares in Morocco. Fruits and vegetables, bakery, pastry, fishmonger, butcher, dairy, caterer… Each aisle can be identified with a specific mashrabiya and design.