Bringing talents together

Mediawan was founded in 2015, by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse. It quickly grew to become one of the main european studio for premium audiovisual content.
Mediawan’s success is based on its ability to leverage production companies and their talents, and on its presence along the chain value: production of fiction, documentaries and animations, the audiovisual content distribution, the broadcasting and the editing of tv programs and digital services.

The integration of the group’s companies called for the redesign of Mediawan’s identity and the creation of a powerful and federating brand territory.


Making a difference

In order to reveal the creativity of the group’s talents, the new brand storytelling relies upon a core idea: “Creation for collective emotion”. Its objective is to turn Mediawan into the key actor in the emotion sector by demonstrating its cultural impact on the world of tomorrow—an impact made possible by its mass broadcasting capacity.
« Moving creativity », the brand’s signature, reflects this culture in motion, which generates collective emotions and Mediawan’s ability to be a unifying force in the name of audiovisual creation.

Rallying sign

Through the new identity, Mediawan’s culture turns to a rallying point for all its talents and audiences. The logo is both elegant and sober, carried out by its black colour and a statuary typography. The M was designed as a tribal symbol of recognition. It celebrates the group’s unifying mindset, and turns Mediawan into a real talent incubitor and a leader of new media.

This identity allows Mediawan to star as a true talent galaxy and enables all of the group’s brands to exist in a coherent way.
Through the dynamic and bold graphic territory, Mediawan’s positionning reflects visually around emotion. The use of ultraviolet and frared at both ends of the colour spectrum, allows to embody Mediawan’s creative force.

Lastly, Dragon Rouge has created a graphic charter and key communication tools such as Mediawan’s corporate website.

Immersing in an interactive website

To turn Mediawan into a key emotional actor, we developed an original digital experience based on discovery. When accessing the website, the viewer is immersed in Mediawan’s world of creativity and hits. Its unique identity enhances the website’s content. Its interactive, innovative design, featuring flowing animations, is an invitation to an intuitive and playful browsing.