Radio France

With the latest expansion of its digital offering,

Radio France is facing new demands in terms of graphic consistency, quality and variety between its different channels.

Radio France commissioned us to create identities for each of the channels, enabling the creation of new visual cues for listeners that bring more coherence and singularity to each program.

A flexible design system

With the concretization of a visual identity for each channel, a flexible design system was defined. These design principles allow the channels to create impactful and unique visuals, while leaving vast creative possibilities depending on the program.

Visual identity related to the history of the channels

The objective of the mission is to bring visual identities consistent with the history of the channels, to have them coexist on the digital platforms, while maintaining a creative harmony between them.

Convey a strong identity to the general public through the brand

Supply all of the elements that will allow each channel to compose its program visuals and their various implementations.