Saint Margaret

Design for a lasting impression 

In 1821, the Scotsman John Sharp Douglas opened the first soap factory in Hamburg. In 2021, for the 200th anniversary of Douglas, the company with its Scottish roots and Hanseatic heart created a series of soaps dedicated to the origin of beauty. Three solid soaps are committed to nourishing the entire body with natural active ingredients and no artificial additives. The packaging design, which we had to create, also had to be vegan, revolutionary, original and holistically sustainable.

Solid soaps, solid packaging 

Anyone who knows the pure fragrance of wild pansies will know one thing: Simplicity carries a very special beauty that is impossible to forget. With this in mind, we created the zero-emission packaging for Saint Margaret soaps. A variation on the logo of the first Douglas factory in Hamburg adorns the front. Grass paper obtained from compensation areas forms the basis for the boxes printed with low-migration ink. The renewable raw material gives the packaging its uniquely textured appearance, while the filigree, minimalist font accentuates the reduction to the essentials – which is reflected in the list of ingredients.

Care for skin and environment

A modern tribute to beauty 

For all and everything 

There is no such thing as a market for soap, there is only soap for people. That’s why Douglas’ new skincare range is aimed at all of them, without exception. The universal unisex soaps do not categorize. No part of the body, no age, no gender, no skin type is excluded or preferred – because neither would nature, from whose regional raw materials the soaps are made.