Pride of Seychelles

Refreshing a national icon

SeyBrew is a beer that has been enjoyed in the Seychelles since 1972. It has a strong heritage (known as ‘dello mamelles’, ‘water from the district’) and has been an icon of a proud nation. However, in recent years the brand had started to face increased competition with the arrival of foreign beers like Heineken and Phoenix (Mauritian beer).
Our brief was to re-launch SeyBrew with a new pack design that reflects the uniqueness and pride of the Seychellois people. We were tasked with modernising and localising the brand simultaneously, to communicate quality, and to create an icon that would symbolise SeyBrew… and the Seychelles.

Quintessentially Seychellois

At the heart of the new brand identity is the Curious Aldabra – one of the largest tortoises in the world – a true icon for the brand which encapsulates the sense of discovery of all the unique parts of the beautiful Seychelles. Woven in from the coat of arms is the unique black parrot, swordfish and boats of the island. The vibrant energy and love of music is represented through the moutya traditional drum. Within the tortoise, is the coc de mer ‘love nut’, the largest seed of any plant which is also unique to the island. This, complemented by a powerful brandmark brings together the rich story of SeyBrew – the beer that was raised in the Seychelles.

We have created a brand identity that truly reflects the uniqueness of the Seychelles and reflects the characteristics of the Seychellois — always welcoming, proud, a sense of togetherness and a touch of vibrancy.