The beauty of nature

Unique benefits of seaweed

VOYA is a luxury spa and skincare brand located on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Its products can be found in spas globally, served first class on Emirates Airlines, and fans include Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Obama. The Voya brand was founded by Mark and Kira Walton who had the foresight to utilise the fine organically-grown seaweed harvested off the coast of County Sligo by Mark’s family for generations to create a global skincare business. This seaweed is recognised for its skin-enhancing and health properties and when combined with other botanical extracts is transformed into truly effective and luxurious ranges of products. We were asked to help them establish a distinct, premium brand identity and positioning, bringing this to life through packaging, print, website and promotional materials.

A journey
of purity

Inspired by the natural flow and texture of seaweed, the VOYA story unfurls through the imagery and packaging. Customers are swept away on a journey both inside and outside the bottle, encouraging a relaxing and indulgent experience. The use of organic colours and glimmering gold elevates the core ingredient, preserving its purity.
We used real poetry from Irish poet W.B. Yeats, who had a close connection with VOYA’s home on the County Sligo coast, on pack, bringing real provenance and authenticity to the storytelling, and a sense of place to VOYA.
At the heart of the VOYA brand is its sustainable credentials, which we brought to life through the packaging of the core range. We were able to feature paper made from the bi-product of the harvested seaweed.

Beauty from the inside out

Having successfully developed the VOYA brand, we were asked by our client to create the brand design for Sea Ór – VOYA’s premium range of health and wellbeing dietary supplements. These supplements contain Orplex™, VOYA’s proprietary scientific seaweed formulation that enhances beauty and wellbeing from the inside out.

Our design for the Sea Ór range uses a variety of organic shapes, which capture a natural marble effect. This texture takes on many connotations; from the oily nature of seaweed, to close up beautiful scientific formations. With our inclusion of hints of gold within a wave-like pattern, it also reflects the brands meaning: Sea of Gold.


A fresh, natural new identity which puts seaweed and algae ingredients at the heart of the brand with the beauty benefit story in romance copy on front of pack. The brand has relaunched and extended its channel footprint with its new look.