From Paris to Shanghai, from London to Sao Paulo, from New York to Warsaw, dragons have been collaborating and accompanying prestigious consumer brands for the past 30 years.

“But you always have to be one step ahead” – that’s what Thomas Shelby told us between two whiskeys. Therefore, we are looking for our next Virgil Abloh.

Why should you join us? Because we are a caring company, full of good humour and where it feels good to work.

Because we are at the perfect spot: we are in Singapore without being in Singapore (sorry,what?). No, we’re not magicians, because we are part of an international group, which means we can navigate from country to country and continent to continent with agencies in Paris, São Paulo, London, Shanghai, New York…

Because we are a company that cherishes design and has been shining with creativity for many years now!

The mission is not impossible

Design, you win!

– Take responsibility for your projects and carry them out with creative instinct and strategic thinking.

– In this context, you will have develop your ideas on many supports based on briefs from strategic teams and consultants.

– Think 360° in terms of activations and suggest original concepts.

Marco Polo 2.0

– Participate, as a team, in the exploration of new territories with the Creative Director and other designers.

– Always be on the lookout for design evolutions, original inspirations and striking creations.

Being the (Steve) job(s)

– Present your logic and design with conviction and agility to senior designers, other DR teams and even to some clients.

HARDSKILLS: This point is a bit technical

– You are a true master of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator…)

– Fluent English level

SOFTSKILLS: We'll use the soft method

– CREATIVITY: You know how to think outside the box and reinvent your work on a daily basis, whilst respecting the brief.

– Efficiency: You know how to manage your time and work efficiently to meet deadlines and process.

– Communication: You like to present your ideas, defend them, be captivating; but you also like to listen to your colleagues and work in harmony with them.

– Spirit of initiative: You show courage, creativity and initiative: you contribute to the image of DR in this position. Dare!

Ideal profile or almost:

– All level experience in branding design

– Training in design and graphic design, or just a superhero/heroine.

– Open to international influences

– Passionate about brands and big ideas

– Rigorous and reliable

– A cheerful, social and optimistic personality!

– Triple Pictionary World Champion.

Você sabe o que fazer.

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Envie agora

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