PR and Communications manager

We are looking for a PR and Communications manager to help grow awareness of our agency brand, with a particular focus on the UK and USA. We are looking for someone that can secure opportunities to drive awareness of our work, people, culture and thinking, across key platforms. This might involve for example:

– To get our name featured in mainstream media, through comment or feature publications
– To appear on BBC or CNBC talking about brands, responding to news
– Expert comment in a particular area of strength for us .e.g. sports branding, healthcare, sustainable packaging design in mainstream media or trade verticals.
– To speak at the world’s biggest conferences with or without client partners
– Creating signature pieces of high profile content
– Maintaining an active and engaged audience on social media (clients, prospects, talent, influencers) – both on our owned channels and through third parties.

Key responsibilities:

1.) Non-paid media exposure
2.) Content initiation, development, implementation and follow-up
3.) Create and manage key Dragon Rouge marketing assets

About you:

This role requires 3-6 years of PR experience, with knowledge and understanding of the relevant trade and mainstream media, as well as contacts at those platforms.

The role reflects the increasingly central role that compelling, appropriately targeted content plays nowadays in opening up the best new business opportunities. It demands someone who is confident and articulate working with the agency’s most senior managers, but is also a true self-starter: someone who both thinks of great ideas and then makes them happen. A proven track record of success in driving content across multiple channels, including social media, is an essential requirement.

Excellent writing and storytelling skills are essential, across a wide range of applications, from media pitches, to blogs and social media posts, to case studies and awards entries.

The successful person will be a natural extrovert plus relationship builder and team player, able to draw great ideas, content and materials out of colleagues because of their enthusiasm and positive personality. Persistence and tenacity will be key in both ensuring success with third party platforms as well as achieving buy-in to marketing and PR initiatives internally.

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