Notícias • 09 04 2019

Activation: Les Ateliers Vistaprint

Creating opportunity

Committed to supporting micro-business, Vistaprint (the French leader in the online printing market) is dedicated to providing small companies with the tools necessary to help them grow. In order to communicate and reinforce its new value proposition “Create opportunity”, Vistaprint chose us to design an innovative, integrated activation campaign. Our goal was to transform the perception of Vistaprint as a brand by publicising that its offering goes far beyond just designing business cards. We needed to promote all the personalised marketing services it provides.

The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle

We began with an observation. The managers of SMEs and VSEs, however different they may be, are all subject to the same entrepreneurial life cycle: excitement at the beginning of their new adventure, followed by phases of discouragement until they reach personal achievement. Therefore, it’s in the middle of this cycle that entrepreneurs need support, advice and reinforcement.

From provider to partner

We devised a creative 360° solution (logo, graphic design of the workshops, website, banner displays, social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram) around the value proposition: Les Ateliers Vistaprint (Vistaprint Workshops) – Events across the country with speaker Fabien Pelous, entrepreneur and former captain of the French national rugby team. He will lead the conference, aptly named “How to create opportunity”.

These workshops will allow SME business owners to meet brand strategy experts, create and design their very own marketing materials and get coached by a creative team. Vistaprint will then print what the entrepreneurs have designed… for free!