Notícias • 17 02 2020

Jimini’s will make you want to eat insects

JIMINI’S is a start-up committed to making a (little) difference in the world and to introducing little by little insects to our diet. Why? Because insects have the power to drastically reduce our westernized diet’s environmental impact. Dragon Rouge’s mission: to get you on board because it is GOOD and it comes from NATURE !
Our observation of market actors shows a universe that is still in search of its identity and that isn’t of interest and doesn’t shoulder. The perception of this new diet is often negative « the diet of last resort ». It doesn’t anchor in the present. However, JIMINI’s true culinary offer deserves to be promoted and developed while keeping its sympathy capital.

Because, although JIMINI’s was able to work on its unusual ton of voice and its trendy look & feel, its appearance remained not very appealing. Thus, we repositioned the brand around the «So mini and so good» idea. The brand storytelling is now expressed in a very visual and didactive manner with pictograms, illustrations and simple words. We anchored the brand in a universe that is living and aware, and that speaks about nature, joy and optimism over humor.
Thus, the visual identity was entirely revamped with a lot of simplicity, impact and connivance, by subtly alluding to the shape of the insect…

The graphic universe relies on a contemporaneously re-designed nature with simple and delicate illustrations, while the packaging is all about colors, natural and cheerful shades.
On the other hand, the greed is expressed through photos of beautiful food compositions or dishes that contain the culinary codes and give reassurance on the quality and taste.
Thus, JIMINI’S develops a more holistic message that elevates the brand to the status of pioneer of its French and long-term category. The small brand goes from a fun niche to a universal Lifestyle!