Notícias • 12 02 2015

A simple yet authentic new look for LA CANCALAISE

The story of La Cancalaise began with a group of passionate marine tradesmen who wanted to share their love of the sea by creating exceptional, authentic products for the world to taste. At La Cancalaise, all ingredients are selected with care. Its foods are the end result of a long chain of skilled professionals who are masters of their trade. From its shipowners to its fishermen to its oyster and mussel farmers and its chefs, La Cancalaise artisans pour their heart and soul into their craft every day.

Our challenge was to translate the company’s humble beginnings and cooperative nature into a brand that conveys authenticity and simplicity. The yellow apron is a symbol common to all the trades along the production chain and evokes both the skill and passion that unites them. The logo is a contemporary depiction that not only represents their history but also the desires of today’s consumer: simple, authentic products made from only the very best ingredients. We also created a website for the brand, which features vibrant photography to match the distinctive La Cancalaise style.