Notícias • 07 05 2020

Le Petit Marseillais takes action for the environment with extra gentle

Leader of its category, Le Petit Marseillais asserts its commitment to the environment. The brand is making a resolute turn towards sustainable development and is taking the opportunity to give a new life to its shower gels, which haven’t changed for almost 10 years.

Now the iconic fragrances are truly sustainable: most of the ingredients are organic, the bottle is 100% recyclable and 99% of the ingredients are biodegradable!

To celebrate this change, we have kept the iconic bottles and changed how the ingredients are represented. They are now photographic images to make them more realistic and vibrant, conveying an even more refreshing, pleasurable and natural shower gel. As for the leaves, they are drawn and deliberately free for a more modern and dynamic look.

The shower gels are now extra gentle to your skin and better for the planet!