Notícias • 12 12 2023

Making the switch to sustainable energy easy

We partnered with the Boston-based sustainable energy platform Public Grid, formerly known as Cottage, to create its new name, brand strategy and brand identity.

Public Grid’s platform is an effortless and cost-effective way for people to switch to sustainable energy, making it easy for people to take part in doing something with impact, all with just one simple click.

Our New York studio worked with the ethical venture fund Studio Ark backed business following the successful development of another Studio Ark backed business, Afterlife sustainable mushrooms. The project is the second in a series of entrepreneurial quick to market projects to revamp Studio Ark’s portfolio of brands to accelerate growth.

The business had begun life under the name Cottage, but with future growth in mind, needed a clearer articulation of its value proposition and a more distinctive brand identity to stand out against the competition, reach key audiences, and reflect its new expanded business model.

We started out by getting to the heart of Public Grid’s point of difference. Climate change is not new news, and there are a whole list of things that we ought to be doing to help fight it, but it’s hard for people to know where to start. Taking steps to move towards a sustainable future often takes time, money and effort. It’s overwhelming and confusing, and there is a tendency for people to think that they cannot make much of a difference on their own.

This is where Public Grid steps in. They have developed an effortless and cost-effective way to join a sustainable energy community dedicated to making a positive impact today and in the future. It helps consumers save money, as well as the planet.

As part of the brand strategy, Dragon Rouge defined the brand essence ‘Power Through Connection’, as the Public Grid platform connects people to sustainable energy providers, whilst also reflecting the nature of connectivity in energy grids. Its promise is to enable small actions through an easy process, without any extra cost or hassle, so that people can connect and forge a community that participates in driving meaningful change.

The new name reflects Public Grid’s dedication to supporting the community, serving general interest and working towards the public good for a better, more sustainable future.

The universal yet non-conformist name led into the refreshed brand identity which is born out of the creative idea of ‘power to the people’.

The identity is deliberately unapologetic, refreshing, and distinctive in a sea of sameness within this category.

The crafted wordmark is powerful and simple and subtly nods to energy bolts. Bold, playful headlines hero statements that motivate people to make positive change. The hand-drawn elements layered with the headlines visualize the connective ‘clean’ energy, and this layered with the collage-like treatment of the imagery all communicates the sentiment of ‘made by the community for the community’. The use of photography heroes real people and everyday actions – showing the moment that ‘Public Grid’ powers connections to make a positive impact.

The new branding launched last month and has been met with excitement across the board.

“Collaborating with Dragon Rouge was a truly introspective experience for us. Their team helped us discover the essence of our brand, going beyond simple aesthetics. Throughout the journey, they profoundly understood how we wanted to show up to our audience and crafted our brand to fit our mission and values. Together, we have created a brand that embodies our values and the actionable change we stand for while fostering a sense of community. We are confident that our new brand will further empower small actions that lead to significant impact.”

– Zack Schmitz, Co-Founder at Public Grid

“We’re inspired by and committed to partnering with companies that lead the charge for meaningful change in the world. When our purpose aligns with theirs, we create impactful collaborations that propels us all towards a brighter, more purposeful future.”

– Jess Marie, Creative Director at Dragon Rouge New York


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