Notícias • 24 10 2018

Pom’Potes Crazy,
surprise your teens!

Fruit pouches are nice but when you’re a teen you think they’re just for kids and not really fun anymore! So with the MOM group we thought about concepts that can reach this target with a dedicated world.

The winning concept, approved by teens, relies on surprise and discovery. The idea: “You never know what you’ll find!” Four original recipes are on each four-pack pouch but just two are inside. It’s the teens’ job to find out which ones!

The range is made up of four references with mysterious, surprising names: YELLOW BAM, PURPLE BOOM, GREEN SPLASH, etc. We created a world inspired by comics with flashy colors and expressive bubbles. The fruits burst in this CRAZY décor but stay fresh and natural, which matters to this category. So, ready for a surprise?

We have been recognised as a Top Food Package Design Company by DesignRush.