Notícias • 02 03 2020


*Second in English

The consumer society hasn’t been ideal for the western consumer-citizen for a while now. In view of the environmental, social and political challenges, we believe that distrust turns into hope when brands think their business model differently.

Some actors are already brightening the act of consumption by giving it a second life, a second wind. That’s what led us to the study: SECONDE.

SECONDE is a study on the role of the brand in the acceleration of the second-hand market, the creation of ecosystems to optimise its societal impact and the discovery of unsuspected growth lever when your products and services are thought out to live twice!

It is said that the second-hand market will outgrow the new home sector. You wish to understand why? Request to meet us, by contacting Andréa Le Bris via her email address .