Notícias • 18 12 2019

Simplifying your life with

In this modern age it only takes two clicks to hire a car, stream unlimited series, rent a house on the other side of the world or make a dentist appointment.
Everything’s become easy, practical and accessible. But in this age of super-simplification, one area remains complicated and tedious: administrative procedures.

It is in this context that the start-up was born. ( is a digital platform that simplifies administrative procedures for individuals and those who are self-employed. They have developed technology that can collect your data and display it in a chart to help you understand your situation (tax rate, number of points on your driving license, etc.), anticipate (deadlines, upcoming payments, etc.) and spot potential problems (late declarations, debt, etc.). You can even chat with former civil servants who are there to assist you.
Its services include:
– K.hub: an administrative chart
– a chatbox
– K.guides: possibility to discuss with former civil servants

Humans first

We supported in the creation of its brand platform, visual identity and website. Reflection on the brand platform helped to identify its target, to position itself in an experiential approach and to enter into a conversation with users thanks to a friendly, engaging tone of voice.

Easy as child's play!

Based on this creative concept, we designed an identity in analogy with the puzzle. It is by assembling all the pieces that everything becomes clearer and easier.