Notícias • 28 04 2021

Sun a new products range powered by nature!

Naturally powerfull

When great performance is environmentally approved!

Sun, as a caring and humane brand within the dishwashing category, wishes to highlight its commitments and improvements on its environmental footprint by introducing a new range: Powered by Nature. 
“Powered by Nature” offers the high performance of an ALL in 1 technology (washing + rinsing + regenerating salt) while being respectful to the environment.
As proof: it is a completely certified Eco-Label range, using 90% naturally derived ingredients, packed in a 100% recycled and recyclable material.
And because it has been specially created for an “eco cycle” use, it consumes less water and less electricity!
On top of that, the range also introduces a 0% product: no phosphate, no conservative, no coloring and no perfume. New news for the category.
Powered by Nature, the great power of naturalness without any compromise.

A dedicated branding

Introducing a specific and impactful branding

This new launch has a special resonance for Dragon Rouge, as the agency is truly engaged in a sustainable approach.
Naturally, Dragon Rouge came up with a design proposal that stands out in the category by bringing something disruptive and impactful.
But first, we took a step back to focus on the brand hierarchy: Powered by Nature became a sub-brand endorsed by Sun.
The branding fully expresses the positioning of this new offer: the two leaves that wrap up the brand and echo the shape of the planet, underline the care dimension. In addition, the movement in the water splash brings dynamism and power that reassures the consumer about the product performance. 
There is no doubt that the range stands out on-shelf!