Notícias • 26 07 2023

Terrano Veggie Burger

Visual Identity and Packaging Design

New alternative for a meatless diet

Terrano is a healthy line produtics of Ajonomoto. Just like the traditional Terrano olive oils, the Veggie Burger products combine quality, naturalness with practicity and a lot of flavor.
Veggie Burguer is a complete mixture with 100% vegetable proteins to prepare different recipes, a way to vary a meatless menu.

Naturalness translated into design

A kraft packaging and delicate illustrations of vegetables strengthen the concept of naturalness and create synergy with the olive oil line, presenting a complete family of healthy products. The pouch format also stands out on the shelves and value the product.

Terrano Veggie Burger for your new routine

New eating habits are transforming the market. In addition to being an excellent option for those who want to reduce or eliminate meat consumption, Terrano Veggie Burguer care about providing importante product information. The icons and claims indicate the blend’s properties and explain how easy it is to use, making it easier for consumers to change their routine.