Notícias • 24 06 2020

Fruity Organic Ricard

The new generation of pastis. 
It’s fruity, it’s organic, it’s Ricard!

Ricard is launching two new, fruity, organic pastis recipes as part of its overall brand strategy.
A French heritage brand since 1932, Ricard is the world’s leader in anise drinks (IWSR 2018), a category it would like to promote and segment. The target, aged 25-30, is more urban, prefers local, ethical consumption and always seeks new products breaking the market’s codes. But for Ricard, this isn’t just a matter of creating an organic pastis. It’s launching two recipes combining green anise with fruity flavours: lemon for one, almond for the other.
The ingredients are 100% natural and certified organic.

The agency designed fruity, organic innovations that match the standard packaging in order to keep consistency within the range while developing the new products’ own personality. The labels convey the new recipes’ authenticity, naturalness and generosity with brown paper and a colourful design.
The centre of the label features a watercolour illustration of lemons and almonds recalling the drink’s natural flavours and the brand’s Provençal roots and know-how.

Ricard is the first major spirits brand to offer organic products, making it a pioneer while adding a touch of modernity.