Coca-Cola CNY

Coca-Cola Chinese New Year 2020

Since 2018 The Coca-Cola Company has been building association between Coca-Cola and the most relevant spaces during Chinese New Year: auspiciousness and prosperity through the core idea of "可口可乐, 多福多乐", more prosperity & happiness with Coca-Cola.

Prosperity and Happiness

Year on year, the brand must continue to leverage on this core idea while creating more excitement, brand love and local relevance during one of the most important festive period of the year.
Leveraging on Coke’s core idea as an icon of happiness and prosperity, our 2020 limited edition series transforms traditional and popular Chinese New Year symbols into recognizable and ownable Coke assets on packaging.

Fu, Lu and Shou

• Fu for happiness and prosperity depicted through oranges and peach blossoms.

• Lu for status and authority represented through ingots and pineapples.

• Shou for health and longevity symbolised by peaches and gourds.

These elements live within the iconic Coke contour bottle filled with bright colors to convey optimism and break through the shelf clutter when all brands turn red for Chinese New Year.

This limited edition series was launched in Singapore and Malaysia in January 2020 and has been flying off shelf over the festive season!