Illuminating investment solutions

A new brand for a new brand owner

CM Investment Solutions was the management company to Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s fund solutions business, that includes the award-winning Merrill Lynch Investment Solutions alternative UCITS funds platform. In November 2018, it was acquired from Bank of America Merrill Lynch by Generali Group, one of the world’s leading insurance and asset management groups. The acquisition is part of Generali’s wider Asset Management strategy aiming at becoming one of the top five multi-boutique platforms by profits at a global level.

In the acquisition, Lumyna’s already strong team has expanded its competencies in distribution, marketing, compliance, technology and finance, and is further developing and preparing to launch new investment solutions. We were asked to define a new brand strategy, and create a new name and identity, for the new brand.


Creative Tensions

Lumyna’s ambition is to redefine the alternative investments landscape by championing the creative tensions of the expertise necessary, and the brand captures this sense of tension between characteristics like structure and flexibility, analysis and creativity, and logic and imagination. It’s a unique combination of complementary skills that was the bedrock of CMISL’s success over the past decade and that will form the foundations for delivering on new and innovative solutions to its clients over the next period of our growth.


This thinking provides the foundations for delivering value that is captured in the name itself. “Lumyna” is derived from the concept of “illumination” in three ways: to add knowledge, understanding and meaning; to make something appear clearer and more vivid; and to brighten and add colour. This benefit really drove the creative development, and the brand identity provides a strong, compelling platform to tell this story for both clients and partners.

This is a hugely important and exciting time for everyone at Lumyna. The new name and visual identity provides a very graphic representation of our pioneering and creative approach to asset management. At the heart of our brand story is the inherent tension between the solid, dependable and institutional nature of operating a trusted asset management business, and the creative, pioneering, flexible approach we take to meeting our clients’ evolving needs. The new branding, along with the imminent move to our new office space in Victoria, London bring testament to the confidence and trust that Generali has placed in us, as we look to grow our business in both the UCITS and non-UCITS spheres. We will continue to invest in and grow our business and are hugely excited about what this new chapter in our story can bring for our clients. Paul Holmes Global head of distribution, Lumyna

Lumyna operates autonomously, whilst at the same time benefiting from the support of a large global group. Lumyna and the other boutiques that Generali has acquired as part of its multi-boutique platform are coordinated by Generali Investments Partners. The new brand and identity launched on June 12th.