Reinstating Organix as the leading organic baby food and snacks brand

A lifelong love of real food

We have been working with Organix as brand guardians since 2012. When we first began work on the brand, despite being the creator of the organic baby food category, Organix was facing increased competition and needed to re-establish the uniqueness of its ‘real food’ founding ethos to drive stand-out and regain its position as a market leader. In addition to this, there was a brand architecture challenge. Organix has two main ranges – Organix (core – dependent baby foods) and Goodies (independent toddler finger foods and snacks), but the brand
promise and any red thread between them was eroded.

Looking to the heart of the brand for the way forward

We looked to the heart of the brand to reinforce the belief that a lifelong love of good food starts from the very beginning, with the introduction of varied tastes, textures and shapes. In doing so we established a brand blueprint to steer both tiers of the portfolio – Organix core and Goodies. By heroing the ingredients on pack and using a natural, but bright colour palette, we were able to deliver real impact and appetite appeal. Organix and Goodies have enjoyed an upturn in sales and many happy customers since the relaunch, Parent brand Hero’s 2015 annual report ascribed the redesign as contributing to an overall 50% increase in income.

A fresh foodie identity

The strategy informed a fresh, food-centric rejuvenation of the brand identity: using food to signal flavor and growing experimentation, and foodie, tasty colourways and playful icons. Flavour-linked colour was core to Goodies’ brand architecture and the Goodies gang brought fun and encouragement to kids.

Since Dragon Rouge’s redesign we have grown our penetration of Households with children under 4 by 5 percentage points (Kantar Worldpanel 2017). We have grown our retail value sales by £5m in our core business in a highly competitive marketplace. (Source IRI Infoscan 2017) Aileen Nichol Marketing Manager, Organix
We have developed strongly recognised distinctive assets in the redesigned no junk promise and the pod shape of our logo (Based on Millward Brown tracking data) - So this is a proprietary tool from Millward Brown but essentially in a study of 400 mums of babies aged 6 months - 36 months. Aileen Nichol Marketing Manager, Organix