Creating a new educational-selling concept

A beer wind rose

Despite the large beer consumption volume, most of us know little about it. Names such as IPA, APA or stout still sound mysterious. Eurocash Group noticed this lack of knowledge as a chance to introduce a concept which would help familiarize the subject. The Client, happy with our cooperation in the past (Faktoria Win, Duży Ben), yet again chose us to create their new brand.

Navigare necesse est

Piwne Terytoria is an educational concept and a sales platform aggregating the beer offer from small breweries. It helps discover new flavours and enjoy a wide selection of beers from regional and craft breweries throughout the country. The new brand helps sail around the world of flavours and beer styles. The key element of the visual solution is a navigation system intuitive to the consumer, organized by two axes: bitterness and „heaviness” of beer.