Your habitat suits you well

With its signature “Your home suits you”, Rooj by GA promises a human and benevolent approach to real estate.

Rooj, a new player in residential real estate, transforms the search for a new home into an exciting and peaceful quest for a flexible and evolving habitat, as unique as its inhabitant.

We accompanied the GA Smart Building Group in the definition of the opportunity space, the formalization of the positioning, the brand platform, and the name of this new brand, as well as its entire graphic territory.

In defining its positioning, we wanted to emphasize the fact that the place where one lives is like an extension of oneself, a bit like a garment: it dresses the life of its inhabitants and inhabits their desires. It is in tune with their needs and emotions, a source of joy and pride.


The name "Rooj" is intended to be emotional, remarkable and memorable in the long term. It carries the change towards a decarbonized real estate and closer to the lifestyle of the inhabitants.
The red color rewritten here refers as much to the color of roses, passion, as to the red of cheeks.



With its coral color, Rooj’s visual identity reflects the emotional dimension of a home that lives to the rhythm of its inhabitants’ lives and the seasons.

The logo, designed as an ambigram with perfect symmetry, represents the modularity, intelligence and durability of Rooj brand solutions. It reminds us that housing should be a perfect reflection of the personality of its occupants.

Its design, elegant and organic, with a strong personality, is in line with the DNA of GA Smart Building, which had already called on the agency to work on its identity and brand strategy in 2015.