the top player

Established in the late 90s, STS is the frontrunner on the sports betting market in Poland. It is the first Polish company of this industry to expand internationally. Customers have at their disposal a modern and intuitive mobile application, a website and over 400 betting shops.
The company is investing in modern technologies and innovative ways of reaching the customers. Outstanding athletes are constantly improving their skills to stay one step ahead of the competition, so is doing STS.


We know you know

The brand identity we designed reflects the company’s new positioning and dynamic growth. Formerly associated with random betting, STS has shifted focus to promote deliberate betting based on clients’ extensive knowledge of sports.

Players’ decisions are increasingly thought-out. They take calculated risks. STS keeps emotions under control as they know their clients know. That’s why they can make the right decisions.

As agile as athletes

How to reveal the importance of the players’ skills and that the STS offer is based on rules transparency?

After benchmarking the entire category and other industries, we created a system emphasizing the players’ expertise, putting them first.

STS is a modern, dynamic brand with a strong sports oriented dimension. Its new visual expression is built on a characteristic two-color background split by a diagonal line.

Player centric

The easily recognizable revamped logotype on the dividing line aims at strengthening brand visibility. Players - sports lovers who are in the know are the heroes of this system.
All outdoors and digital communication tools and social media platforms have been designed and unified.

Ready to play

The system encompasses all aspects of marketing communication : STS shops have been revamped. Broadcast elements and animations have been developed.

The top player works with the best

The universal visual language helps the brand to stand out in its category. This is another important factor in building the perception of the brand as the top innovator in sports betting in Poland.

We know you know. Place a bet

The new identity is adapted to multi-channel communication.


This project won the bronze price for "best brand to reflect changed mission, values or positioning" category at the Transform Awards ceremony.