VieCure is a North American MedTech business that was founded by a team of oncology professionals who wanted to change the way the world treats cancer.


They recognised that there are too few clinicians, treating too many patients, and struggling with too much information.

And this crisis costs lives. 

To overcome this, VieCure developed the first whole knowledge system, that uses AI technology to aggregate everything clinicians need to treat patients. The challenge was how to convince clinicians in the potential for this new technology.


Introducing Halo Intelligence

Our solution was to start by understanding the mindset of local community clinics and the challenges they faced. We also knew that cancer is not one disease, but several. So we built a strategy around ‘simplifying cancers complexity’. 


This was the start point for defining a new category. But like ‘ride share’ and ‘community hosting’, new categories need to be defined. This led us to the idea of ‘Halo Intelligence’.



We introduced a refreshed colour palette, based upon the strength of previous palette recognition, with the addition of tonal groupings. This added softness, depth and encourages variety of use across the brand expression.

The new ‘Halo Intelligence’ category name influenced all aspects of the identity, from the graphic halo within the wordmark to the halo gradients and icon style. This created a distinctive design language that conveys optimism and a softer more human approach.

At times the soft Halo graphic resolves into a panel of colour, revealing the clarity that the VieCure provides and ensuring a bold and refreshing identity.

Both clinicians and patients are bought to the forefront in a distinctive image style that is crisp and clean with the added warmth of the subtle references to the brand colours.

This helps portray how people are at the heart of the brand and the experts behind VieCure.

The life line

The vast technical data behind the VieCure platform is inherently complex but the experience of using it should be simple. We wanted to communicate this benefit, whilst also visualising the unique journeys that every patient has through cancer.


The VieCure ‘life line’ graphic is the start of a flexible graphic style that adapts to show both the simplicity of everyone’s individual journey, whilst also having the ability to show a variety of more abstract concepts.



An optimistic outlook

This is a brand that stands for human warmth, positivity and innovative thinking. The combination of the Halo gradients, the fresh variety of colours, the soft humanised headline font and the people-led image library ensure there is always an optimistic glow to the touchpoints.

A warm but controlled brand experience

The key to standing out in a new category was to create a design system where the experience is more human, the emphasis being on the patient whilst feeling technical, smart and communicating the knowhow and expertise behind the scenes.

We worked with VieCure across all touchpoints, from presentations, digital apps, print documents to all the signage and graphic branding of their new headquarters in Denver.

“Working with Marcell, David, Becky, and the rest of the Dragon Rouge team on launching our new brand category of Halo Intelligence was an incredibly successful project for VieCure.

Dragon Rouge took time to truly understand the mission of the company and the reasoning behind introducing a new brand category and was able to deliver a plethora of assets that allowed us to position ourselves in the market as true trailblazers in the space.”
Michael Power Chief Business Development Officer, VieCure