Relaunching a beloved local brand

Love at
first sight

Wind Flower Snow Moon is a well-loved local brand in the Yunnan province of China. Showcasing traditional Chinese calligraphy and the four famous landscapes of Yunnan, WFSM infuses the poetic romance of the region in its visual identity. Noticing its potential, Carlsberg planned a national relaunch for WFSM to take the Yunnan romance to the next level. We were appointed to optimise the packaging and create a premium look and feel in harmony with the existing visual assets.


Beauty shining through

We adjusted the proportion of the visual elements to emphasise the beauty and intricate detail of the design. By changing the material used for the label, we highlighted its texture and turned the breath-taking elegant metallic shimmer into a focal point. This effect allowed us to breathe life into the delicate jasmine flowers dancing with the snow. We also created key visuals, a collection of images and a brand video in line with WFSM’s relaxed, carefree tone of voice. The result is a revitalised new world for WFSM, a premium local brand that epitomises modern China’s appreciation for rich culture.