Babor Ampoules

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Tiny Ampoules, Enourmous Impact

The famous ampoules concentrate from the renowned skincare brand Babor causes a beauty sensation. 60 years of knowledge and research reduced in only 2 milliliters. Highly concentrated natural ingredients help to get visible and tangible results.

Babor is the world champion when it comes to ampoules and the most successful player in the market. To remain this, we were tasked to challenge the current packaging design and to create a new visual universe.

Babor Ampoules
Babor Ampoules

Pure Emotion

Our international trend experts discovered that today’s customer needs are growing faster than ever and that visual codes have fundamentally changed. They want to be entertained, especially in the luxury beauty segment.

Thanks to the cooperation of our global teams, we were able to transform the packaging and to rework the formerly more technical oriented packaging design.

The iconic ampoule is the center of the mainly dark packaging and creates a mystic and desirable look. Every subcategory is highlighted with a unique color, hence creating a distinctive overall impression. A well-organized and clear information structure supports the overall impression.

Our creative work – especially the cooperation of the global team and trend experts – has transformed the BABOR ampoules in a modern and emotional way.

We were really impressed by Dragon Rouge's creativity and expertise. This bold step will help us to even better address our customers. Michael Schummert CEO BABOR Cosmetics