Reviving the spirit of Made in France

Created in the Hauts-de-France region in 1907 by Prosper Eeckman, a pioneer in the production of vinegars and oils, Bénédicta has never shared its history, which is PROOF of its expertise and local roots.

Rediscovering a history

Consumers today are looking for meaning and transparency, for a more authentic and essential experience. In light of this, the historic condiments brand is repositioning its Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing ranges to win over consumers.

Bénédicta is a French brand through and through. In fact, its plant is still located in its hometown of Seclin. The French brand hopes to uphold its expertise in the world of condiments and strengthen its foothold in France by offering products made from ingredients of French origin, such as eggs and oil.

On this often much-maligned shelf, Bénédicta differentiates itself from the “junk food” codes to promote its long history and quality as part of the Kraft Heinz group.

A new visual identity and graphic design are used to express this history and create real enjoyment.

Reinstating expertise

In order to meet this expectation, we have redesigned the brand’s identity based on its pre-existing codes: the green, yellow and handwritten text. The new design adds new life to the original universe of the brand and delicatessen shops. It also draws an emotional connection to the history of Bénédicta.

The logo design is reminiscent of a sign from the era in which the French brand was created.

The specific font mimics a quick hand gesture, like a master sauce maker signing off one of his creations.

The brand’s unique green code has been reworked and enhanced for an elevated status.

The ingredients are carefully displayed, as if laid out on a genuine, textured work surface. The ingredients’ origin is showcased to highlight the brand’s high standards when selecting quality local raw materials.

This is more than a brand repositioning; it is the revival of a wonderful quality brand full of historical know-how and committed to the flavour of well-made food.