A Portuguese

A quest for authenticity and naturalness

For Compal, it all started over 60 years ago, in a small Portuguese town named Entroncamento.

Ever since, the maestro of fruits has been preparing delicious recipes, carrying their love for naturalness. Compal has always searched for the finest and the truest products.

And today, Compal is still animated by the same purpose : offering the tastiest and healthiest experiences to people from all over the world.

We partnered with Compal and worked with passion to leverage the brand identity.

The objective was clear : to have Compal truly embody what it really is – an iconic and beloved Portuguese brand.

Frutology philosophy

It’s all about know-how : thanks to many years of experience, Compal knows the right way to grow beautiful trees and the best moment to pick a fruit.

To master this art of growing, Compal explored a particular philosophy : Frutology, a boundless love for earth’s wealth.

Frutology is the perfect balance between earth and men that allows farmers to care for the soils and offer real flavors.

With a thirst for knowledge, Compal travels the world, in the pursuit of new ways to innovate and new fruits to share.

With this rich DNA, Compal keeps pushing the boundaries of its expertise even further, to excel in the art of blending and in crafting imaginative recipes.

Adding value to nature

Compal’s world is lush and rich but its beauty is truly brought out thanks to human hands. Compal’s story is made and written by women and men dedicated to growing produce in a healthy and respectful way and they enrich it with know-how and expertise.

That’s why we explored a design that would honor this dedication, and emphasize this harmonious cooperation, throughout the positioning, the design, the portfolio architecture all the way to a 360° brand world.

Classico the gardian of brand trust

These juices were already enjoyed years ago, and they will continue to do so in the future. Reliable, trustworthy and unique : this pillar has become a classic for families. So, it was naturally named as such, being the flagship of the brand quality.

Origens an invitation to travel

Originally from the Praia da Marinha, the gates of southern Europe, frutologists flew and sailed all over the world, searching for the very best and authentic ingredients. The Origens range was created by these explorers, inviting people to taste exceptional and original fruits, flavors and experiences.

To tell this wonderful story, we immersed the consumer in the exciting trips of the Compal crew. The beautiful watercolors recount the exotic landscapes, and let the consumer be a navigator for a day, between wind roses and hand-drawn maps.

Vital & veggie healthy goodness

Because pleasure doesn’t always go with healthy, Compal decided to make them meet. With the ranges Vital & Veggie, life lovers seeking for balance now have the perfect solution.

Here, vegetables, fruits and other natural ingredients are combined to create the purest and most tasteful delight, without any added sugar.

We illustrated the essence of this new formula, low in calories and with high benefits : a delicious mix of fresh and lively natural ingredients. A fresh life has begun !

Innovation 2020 Compal essencial

A spoonful of new fruits to meet the needs of new generations of adults and children living in the city.