Reinventing an icon

French touch

In 1998, Danao burst onto the fresh fruit juice market and shook it up with its unique combination of zingy fruits and creamy milk.
This bold statement made it an iconic brand for a whole generation.
The years passed, and French tastes changed, moving towards more responsible consumption: it was time to evaluate the brand and develop an action plan!

In 2019, Danao is reinventing itself, and is even more committed to all things natural:
– By creating a new more natural recipe, bursting with fruit and with no added sugars, with just a touch of 100% French milk,
– By switching the carton (typical for milk) to a transparent recyclable PET bottle (typical for fruit juices).

Danao is reinventing itself!

It’s good to be unique

Along with this change in recipe, we supported Danao in their quest to be natural.
Thanks to our work on a new brand platform which is centred around the idea of ‘It’s good to be unique’, we have developed a new identity, as well as a new distinctive bottle.

This transformation can be seen in the following ways:
– A new, more appealing bottle: curved and smooth, with a square base inspired by the former carton
– A vertical logotype, making the brand stand out on the shelf
– A more natural image with the ‘recipe’ label, as if the fruits had just been picked
– A transparent bottle: we can finally see what a Danao looks like!

Danao is being reinvented for a new generation!