new forms of mobility

"Moving your way"

Europcar, Europe’s leading vehicle rental company and a major mobility player, is launching its new station concept with us, prefiguring the network’s upcoming implementation. At the heart of the customer experience, digital technology is paired with flexible, innovative services.

The ultimate expression of Europcar’s territory, “Moving Your Way”, it echoes the brand’s values: empathy, simplicity, innovation and trust.

Smoothness above all

Travelers who begin by booking their vehicle online can expect to find a simple, smooth experience at the station.  The sign of the station is now the E of the App to emphasise that there is no longer a barrier between the digital and the physical.

Customers identify themselves on terminals at the entrance, which also speed up recognition by the Europcar teams.  The long counters become small, individual reception areas where personalised service is made possible.

"Feels like home"

We have chosen a soft look. A territory of varied tones with shading, monochromes, light-toned wood and homey lamps have replaced the former identity’s industrial codes.  The wide range of different mobility solutions offered meets everybody’s needs.

Thoughtful little details

The spaces were designed for both pedestrians and motorists: the floors of the car parks are painted, strengthening the identity of the brand’s territory.  Rich with a full palette of colours, the signage creates a complete universe from the first to the last second of the experience.  Everywhere, thoughtful little details — desks, chargers, children’s corners, a café corner — giving the place its own added value.

The biggest stations’ spaces feature all of Europcar’s new urban mobility offers.  This is an opportunity to see today what we will do tomorrow.

Mobility in the plural

Quantitative and qualitative tests have been conducted with customers using the new stations. The satisfaction rate is so high that each country has decided to speed up the shift to the new concept.