Grupa MTP


100 years of ingeniously crafted events

Grupa MTP is the largest and oldest exhibition & event company in Poland, having organised events that draw people together from across the globe for almost 100 years. The company stands for quality meetings and provides the facilities and a wide range of complementary services for companies, professionals and individuals to do so. While their history began with trade shows, today MTP has been shifting rapidly towards the meetings industry, hosting numerous grand-scale congresses, conferences, cultural and sporting events, and more. Taking the step beyond fairs and the local market required a new corporate structure and improved image for the company.


Grupa MTP breaks away from the visual conservatism of its predecessors and announces itself to the world as a more visionary and creative player able to organise and facilitate any event anywhere across Poland and the CEE countries. This new approach is reflected through a multi–coloured visual identity that adapts and changes, evoking the broad spectrum of events and activities run by the company. Being silent is not a choice when you want to mark your presence.


We created a new corporate brand as a result of changes to the corporate brand architecture. All portfolio brands have been clearly divided into venue brands and solutions brands, which have each been visually refreshed or created from scratch based on personalised narratives and branding assets.